Easy Tips For Throwing A Party On A Budget In Bermuda

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Easy Tips For Throwing A Party On A Budget In Bermuda

Throwing a beautiful party doesn’t have to break the bank. In this post we’re sharing our top 7 tips for planning a party on a budget in Bermuda.


Having a party at home or a friend’s house is a great way to save money; however, also consider that sometimes based on rentals the cost could be more expensive than hosting at a venue. For instance, many restaurants offer private dining rooms which are free if you fulfill certain minimums. Bonus: they have their own decor, so you only need to add small touches to personalize (like confetti, balloons, and party hats).

Hosting a party on a boat is so much fun and guests are usually willing to chip in for rental cost. Many charters have special agreements with caterers and may be able to offer you better pricing on food and drinks.  

If you're hosting a kid's party, venues like the Aquarium or Dolphin Quest offer member discounts and often special experiences as part of the rental. Added value: Venues are responsible for keeping the kids entertained.  Winning!


 Hosting a party during late afternoon or very early evening will help with controlling the cost of food and drinks. Instead of providing a lunch or dinner these times are perfect for serving light fare and drinks. If you prefer a lunch or dinner soiree, hosting a pot-luck or setting up a food bar are budget friendly ideas. We once hosted a blind wine tasting where everyone brought a bottle of wine, and we roasted a large beef tenderloin with self-serving stations. Very cost effective. 


I like to use natural items from our garden to decorate. Plants like monstera leaves are so beautiful and last a long time. Budget friendly decor may be found at the Orange Bay or even Brown & Co’s home department, especially if they're having a sale. Get creative and spray paint foliage or repurposed items. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.

Of course a party isn’t a party without balloons. Careful to buy good quality ones! I’ve had friends who purchased balloons on the cheap and had them pop as they were decorating…  Items such as party fans, photo booth props and tassels are also a great way to add a festive atmosphere to your space and they can be reused. If you’re blowing up a large amount of balloons rent a small helium tank from Tools & Equipment to save on cost (and worrying about transporting to your venue).

 Borrow decor from friends. If you know a friend has lovely serving dishes, a pretty cake stand or fun bouncy castle ask to borrow it! I’m sure they would be happy to help. 

 Paper supplies are more economical than renting china and there's no clean up. We offer a great selection of beautiful partyware like our Made in Italy collection.


Get crafty! Pinterest is awesome for viewing themes and finding DIY projects. Here’s a piñata I made from a DIY tutorial. If you’re hosting a kid’s party set up a craft table and have the craft double as the party favor. win-win!



Plan for each guest to have two drinks in the first hour and one drink each additional hour. Buying alcohol by the case will get you value for money.  Keep bar costs down by offering wine, beer and water. Another great option is to have one signature drink per host.  If you really want your alcohol to stretch make spritzers. This rosé one looks delicious! Bonus: you can use the simple syrup to make a nonalcoholic version.


Certain things are worth splurging on especially if it will help make your party memorable. This could be catering, hiring professionals such as the Gombey's, kids characters, a cool bouncy castle or even a psychic for card readings. The ideas are endless. 


Remember your most important goal is for everyone to have fun!  I’ve been to parties where everything looked beautiful but guests didn’t get to the point of letting their guard down and really enjoying themselves. Try inviting a mix of people and have a few ice breaker to get them talking. I’ve heard Ellen DeGeneres game ‘Head’s Up’ is a lot of fun and can be downloaded from any app store. At the least be sure to introduce new friends to each other :)

We hope you found this article helpful.  Feel free to reach out to us at hello@luckystar.bm if you have questions. 

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