Fathers Day Free Printable

Every year when Father's Day rolls around I rack my brains trying to think of the perfect gift for my husband.  This year I'm changing things up and including a homemade gift to make him feel extra special.  

If you're looking to do the same we're sharing our printable pennant flag with you.  You may wonder, how do I use a pennant flag?!  Here's a few tips - you can use it to decorate a gift, a breakfast tray, and especially as a photo prop.  The options are endless!  

Scroll below for a quick tutorial.  BTW this took us about 10 minutes to make from start to finish.  

If you create one please tag or email us a picture - we'd love to see your creation.  xo

What you Need:

  • Printable Click here for large flag.  Click here for small flag.
  • Card stock paper (plain and glitter)
  • Craft wooden stick (if you're in a rush get a wooden kebab stick and cut off the sharp ends)
  • Decorations such as ribbon, yarn, tissue paper, etc...
  • Glue gun

Start with printing your flag on card paper.  If you don't have card paper email Bermuda Blueprinting and arrange for them to print for you.  Just follow up with a call after your email.

Cut out your flag.  You'll notice there's a section on the end of the flag for you to fold over.  Use a ruler to keep the line straight and fold it over. See below.

Hot glue wooden stick in the fold and then hot glue fold closed.

Decorate your flag with ribbons, tassels, yarn, pom poms, or any pretty decorations you have.  I hot glued mine to the lower edge of the front of my flag and then glued the star on top.  But there's no right or wrong way!  Just have fun with it.  

Have an amazing Father's Day!

Niamah Cann
Chief Party Officer 

La Petite Soiree

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