Hello December

Holiday Inspiration

Happy Holidays!  There's nothing I love more than kicking off December with a Christmas theme playdate!  It's the perfect way to get the kids excited about holidays.  To be completely honest this is something  I planned  with  one day's notice!  Of course, we had super pretty party supplies and  our  friends at Tuck Shop created our gorgeous cookies.  Just add holiday crafts for a fun-filled afternoon. 

Theses kids are too cute!  Marcus gave the official thumbs-up while Savvy  and Hope chatted away.  

True story. The day before our playdate I showed up  at  Tuck  Shop praying I might  find some  Christmas cookies.  By some stroke of luck, Alicia had JUST made a batch for her purposes and graciously allowed me to purchase them.  That's customer service for you right there!  They matched up so perfectly with our Christmas themed party-ware.

Did you notice  the multicultural Santa?  We thought this was a super cool idea!

Kid  tested, Mother approved!


The girls were pretty excited to play with their mini reindeer balloon wands. They also make a great take away gift for holiday-themed parties.  

Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy creating magical memories with your loved ones. x

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