A Charming Easter Party


Hi Friends,

I'm so excited to finally share our Easter blog with you!  Leading up to this photo shoot the weather was predicted to be gale force winds and rain.  Basically, not ideal weather for the outdoor celebration we planned...  As a result, I proceeded to cancel the celebration.  Alicia, owner of Tuck Shop, encouraged me and reminded me that there's no way I could not have an Easter blog and kindly allowed me to use her beautiful venue. 

We hope you enjoy our blog post and are inspired to continue celebrating holidays, birthdays, or any special day especially through these difficult times - at home as a family. 

xx Niamah

"The greatest gift of Easter is hope" Basil Hume


Every Easter party needs bunnies and flowers!  You'll see them everywhere throughout our theme.

Lots of our products are reusable - including this floral chandelier.

These flower party hats are sure to delight!  I couldn't stop smiling when I put one on Savvy.

How pretty are these Easter cookies from Tuck Shop?!  Alicia comes through for me every time!  Scroll down to see the prettiest cookie party props.  They're sure to delight everybunny!

Below we've pictured our marshmellow treats, which are so easy to make.  I used marshmellows, white chocolate, sprinkles and our flower toppers.  Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals (stir along the way). Dip marshmellows and then cover in sprinkles.  Put in the fridge to settle and just before the party insert the floral party stems.  Enjoy!

*Photography by Two & Quarter

Products Used

"Happy celebrating!"

Niamah Cann, Owner

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