A Bermudaful Picnic

The beauty and charm of Bermuda makes it a magical setting for a romantic or luxury picnic. With Valentines Day around the corner we were inspired to create one and...

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A Bermudaful Picnic

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The beauty and charm of Bermuda makes it a magical setting for a romantic or luxury picnic. With Valentines Day around the corner we were inspired to create one and share a few tips with you too. Naturally, in order to create the perfect experience, we turned to event designer Liz Blankendal, Founder and Creative Director of EETTAFEL.  

EETTAFEL is a local boutique events company that specializes in luxury picnic experiences and plans customized full-service private parties.  Liz's eye for design and high touch customer service has made her highly sought after. 

Liz and I had so much fun discussing ideas and planning this soiree. We felt that romantic picnincs aren't only for couples, but also for friends - think Galentines!  So we decided to feature both in this blog.  Be  sure to scroll to the end for Liz's 5 Tips for Creating a Spectacular Charcuterie Board.

Enjoy xx




There are so many gorgeous locations for a luxury picnic in Bermuda. We chose one on a hill close to the ocean. A few options are beaches, gardens, near a pool or your own backyard. 





The decor is really going to set the mood for your picnic. We chose a breakfast soiree, which is great if you want to beat the heat.  Our pretty heart plates and napkins, as well as roses from the garden, helped bring out the romantic theme.  

When choosing food, small bites are always a great idea.  If you use EETTAFEL, the good news is, the food and decor will be completely set up, as well as the clean up when you're finished. Just arrive, relax and enjoy! 


Whether it's an intimate affair or a celebration with friends, luxury picnics are perfect for everyone! We guarantee that when you use EETTAFEL, your guests will leave feeling amazed!

Happy picnic planning everyone! xx 

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5 Tips for Creating a Spectacular Charcuterie Board


Hi everyone!

I am still basking in excitement from a recent collaboration with La Petite Soiree. How fun for two creative minds to combine forces and make magic together?! Working with Ni was just as fun as I imagined and also, super chill! Thank you Ni!!

Now onto the juicy bits for those who are lovers of cheese and wine! This includes pretty much everyone, right?

Please see below our five simple and practical tips for creating a beautiful charcuterie board:

Fresh and Local Ingredients

This is a major key and most important! If the ingredients on offer are not fresh, why bother serving this to your guest? Whilst the ingredients do not necessarily have to be costly either ensuring fresh ingredients not only looks better aesthetically but taste a million times better. To begin – try shopping for local produce that is in season. You’ll discover the prices are a bit better and there is often a greater supply of the ingredients available in your local markets or grocery stores. As a bonus, shopping locally for produce makes a positive impact on our local agriculture community!


Probably one of the most important components, after sourcing fresh and local ingredients! Color, color, color! We eat with our eyes far before any nibbles meet our taste buds. Hence, it is extremely important to consider an assortment of colors for your charcuterie board. When in doubt -  think of the rainbow for a starting point of colors to choose from. I try to contrast bright and bold colors against the subtler ingredients such as brie or almonds.  


A good charcuterie board, typically consists of the following components: cheeses, fruits, crackers/bread, meats and nuts. When sourcing ingredients, really delve into the senses and think of the various textures that will be featured on your charcuterie board. A bit of crunch against something soft and creamy and so on. If you’re feeling jazzy, why not add a bright burst of something more daring, such a handful of pomegranate seeds.

Here is an example of our suggestions for specialty cheeses to include:
Aged: Aged Cheddar or aged Gouda
Firm: Parmigiano-Reggiano or Gruyère
Creamy: Camembert or Chevre (one of my favorites)
Blue: Gorgonzola or Stilton

Variation of complementary pieces

This contributes to the overall aesthetic of your charcuterie board. Think of mixing various serving bowls or trays with different shapes and heights. Trust me, all the details matter!


Preparing a charcuterie board shouldn’t feel like work! I love putting these together for friends and clients, as it truly offers a platform for creativity! There is no right or wrong way! And, very seldom, do you find two charcuterie boards look the same. To assist with your preparation, try washing and cutting fruit in advance. And, also removing the external packaging from all other ingredients such as the cheeses, and rest them onto a large plate and cover. This will allow you to jump straight into creating your charcuterie when the time arrives.

We hope you have a bit of fun when creating your next charcuterie board! And, if you’re feeling too lazy to create this board on your own, we’d love to assist! Our charcuterie boards are available as an add on service, to any of our private parties or corporate events.

Best wishes

Liz xx


Niamah Cann

Owner and Buyer, La Petite Soiree

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