Marcus and Savvy's Trolls Inspired Party

Photography: Two and Quarter

Cakes:  Latreece Fray @sweetslab.bda

Hey Friends!

Many of you know that my children's birthdays are 2 days apart, and for the last few years, we've celebrated with joint parties.  Before COVID-19 hit, I had planned to throw separate parties for them.  Then things got real (fast!) and I was unsure whether to invite friends over at all...  Fast forward to last week - we decided to  celebrate but scaled the numbers down to comply with the government directives.

My children love the Trolls World Tour movie so we ran with that theme and incorporated rainbows to bring out the happy vibes.  It seemed fitting especially being that week we had torrential rain mixed in with periods of sunshine.

Scroll down to see more of our Trolls party.  Remember you can email me anytime with questions at 

I love crafting so even though I used many products I sell, I also made and designed some of the decor for a more personalized party. My favorite project was the fringe pom pom party hats (pictured above on my children).

To create our cloud backdrop I used mylar cloud balloons and crepe streamers.  To recreate just cut the streamers to different lengths and tape to the back of the balloons.  Getting them to stick to the wall was tricky, and gorilla tape worked best for us.  

The kids loved their color-coordinated rainbow cakes by the amazing Latreece Fray. They looked so cute displayed outside on one of our tables too. 

We've treated the kids to this inflatable water bouncy castle as one of their birthday gifts.  Honestly, it keeps them busy for hours so I feel like its a present for me too!

Being able to create special memories and celebrate beautiful moments is what life is all about.  Thanks for reading our blog post and lots of love from my family to yours. xx

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Niamah Cann 

Chief Party Officer

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