Let's Be Mermaids!

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Let's Be Mermaids!



Party Supplies  La Petite Soiree @lpsbermuda

Event Design La Petite Soiree assisted by Heidi Baptiste @lpsbermuda 

Cake and Shell Cookies  Tuck Shop @tuckshopbermuda

Cup Cakes Cupcake Queen 236-5549

Mermaid Character Kreative Innovations @kre8ive_innovations

Popsicles Dutch Pops @dutchpopsbermuda

Invitations Frangipani Cards

Photography Queendom Heights @queendom_heights

Mermaids have more fun!  We threw a pastel mermaid soirée for  Savvy's 5th birthday.  In planning this party, our focus was on creating a fun experience for the all of our guests, and adding lots of charming details. 

When considering decorations, I prefer to compliment my home decor.  This allows me to accent the space rather than overpower it. 

Alicia from the Tuck Shop  created this gorgeous cake using plant based food dyes and a lot of love. Take a close look at fondant details - my favourite is the oyster shell with a pearl inside .

My Aunt Cathy (the Cupcake Queen) created these beautiful and yummy cupcakes.  They complimented our pastel colors and cupcake toppers perfectly.  

Ariel was the highlight of the party!  I swear, the kids actually screamed with excitement when she was carried  into our pool.  Savvy was so delighted to be serenaded to, and loved her personalized party bag and mermaid crown.    The best part is that she spent lots of time singing to and play with the kids!    It was like having a Disney World experience right here in our home.  Kreative Innovation really excels in providing a  magical experience.

Dutch Pops really came through for us last minute, and they were perfect on a hot summer day!  I love that she delivered everything right to my home - so easy.   My favourite flavor was lemonade which had yummy gummy worms hidden inside. 


These beautiful invitations were created by my friend Christine Cornes.  She puts so much love and detail into her work.     The  invitations sit as an open clam shell, with charming details such as fresh water pearls and eco-friendly glitter.   

We hope you enjoyed this blog post!  Lots of love till next time xx

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