Wine Tasting & BBQ Featuring Local Talent

There's nothing like summer nights, filled with food, drink and the people you love. This is the vision I had in mind when planning my husbands birthday celebration. The reality...

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Wine Tasting & BBQ Featuring Local Talent


local bermudian talent

Photography:  Jayde Gibbons - Queendom Heights

Wine Tasting:  Tastings With Alli

BBQ:  Chef Toto 

Fire Dancer:  Kreative Innovations 

Wine Bottle Art:  Louisa Bermingham 

Cake:  Tuck Shop 

Party Supplies and Event Planning:  La Petite Soiree

There's nothing like summer nights filled with food, drink and good people.  This is the vision I had in mind when planning my husbands birthday celebration.  The reality was... the weather was predicted to be 30 knots with  thunderstorms .  This threw me into a moment of panic because everything was meant to be setup outdoors.  A wise friend reminded me to see the positives and how this could be a great opportunity to share how to have an amazing party even in the face of adversity.  I couldn't have agreed more so the party went forward with a few changes to the outside decor.

My initial vision was to decorate the outside of the house. However, with the prediction of rain, thunder and gale force winds, I moved the decor inside.  Much to my relief, the weather prediction was wrong and the night was overcast with light wind. 

I asked my friend and artist, Louisa Bermingham to paint a wine bottle showcasing Bermuda, Vancouver and my husbands hobbies; lobster diving and fishing.  The end result was gorgeous! It's such a unique gift for any milestone celebration.

As usual I turned to my friend Alicia, owner of Tuck Shop, to create his cake.  My husband collects whiskey and cigars and I love how she was able to articulate this theme.  

We started the celebration with a welcome drink, charcuterie board and wine tasting hosted by Tastings With Alli.  Honestly, she's AMAZING!  Within our small intimate group we  were given a brief explanation of each wine, its tasting notes and foods it pairs well with.  I have to say... all of the wines were fantastic and we ended up calling Alli the next day to place an order!  Alli is very knowledgable, friendly and really made it a fun experience.  

After our wine tasting we transitioned over to the garden to for a BBQ hosted by Chef Toto.  This was the perfect time for everyone to pick up their party favors, a monogramed wine tumbler (pictured below), and bring them to the table. 

What an amazing experience!!!  Chef Toto came to our house and set up this special table where everyone gets to have their food cooked in front of them.  And let me say - it was so delicious!  Chef Toto was very easy to work with, calm and accommodating.  He even had a back up plan for us if the weather didn't work out.  It was the perfect experience where we could relax, cook and connect with our friends.

I always have a surprise element to parties hosted in my home.  This one did not disappoint!  We hired local company Kreative Entertainment to WOW our guests with fire dancing.  Sophia is very accommodating and basically will make anything you wish for happen.  It was an awesome experience.

Hosting a party at home was perfect for us, especially during the pandemic.  Our kids who were supposed to be fast asleep kept sneaking in and out of the party.  It was pretty sweet.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and find resources and ideas for your next celebration.  Cheers until next time.

xx Ni

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