Lava Natural Play Dough
Lava Natural Play Dough

Lava Natural Play Dough

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Molten lava is an awesome display of nature, but it’s definitely too hot to handle! This lava is just as amazing with orange, yellow, red, and black swirls of color and highly reflective glitter embers.


  • Includes: 7oz. of dough per cup

  • Color: Yellow, orange, red, dark purple and black dough with pebbles and multi-colored glitter

      • Includes a signature scent with hints of lemongrass, chamomile and lavender

      • All dough contains wheat and almond nut oil

      • Materials:

        • Natural, earth friendly ingredients

        • Plant-based colors, never synthetic

        • Easy to use compostable packaging

        • 100% organic essential and other oils including jojoba oil and unrefined raw coconut oil

      • Ages: 3+

      • Warning: Choking Hazard. Contains Small Parts

      • For a longer lasting dough: Keep sealed in product packaging and place in a cool dry place. If possible, refrigerate.

      • Hand crafted in the USA