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Omg! Yay! Flower nail (or earring) tattoos to make you feel all springy!! You'll receive TWO sheets of 25 tattoos, 50 total.

Tattoos will last as long as your mani. You may need to refresh the top coat. PLEASE READ instructions and tips below! If using on skin, remove by using baby oil, rubbing alcohol, or simply scotch tape.

* Each order comes with two tattoo sheets and a sponge.

1. Use on unpolished nails OR Paint nails with two coats of polish. Polish must be completely dry and hardened. You may also use on top of gels, though we recommend putting on after gels are completed. Nails MUST be clean and dry, free of lotions or oils.
2. Cut out desired design and remove clear plastic.
3. Firmly press tattoo face down on clean dry nail.
4. Cover with damp sponge for 30 seconds.
5. Carefully slide backing paper off and rinse gently. Smooth out nail tattoo with sponge or Q-tip if necessary.
6. Do not touch tattoo or twist skin until tattoo has set for 1 minute.
7. Once dry, cover with 1-2 clear top coats and let dry.