Candy Coloured Tropical Party

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Candy Coloured Tropical Party


Photography by Two & Quarter

Hi Friends!

We're so excited to share our latest party with you.  Through this blog post we hope to inspire you and share real resources and tips to help you as you plan your next soireé. 

Enjoy x

When planning a party we recommend starting with a theme.  For our kid's party we chose bright candy colours with tropical decor. 

To help incorporate these colours around the pool we rented large foam letters which we topped with a brightly coloured balloon garland (created by us).  Our eye-catching backdrop also doubled down as a great photo prop.  If you're interested in renting the letters you can contact Tomisha Trott owner of O'Celebrate Party Rentals (email  We especially love that you can spell out any word you want; or use the letters as a base for your dessert table.

Cakes created by Latreece Fray

Cakes created by Latreece Fray

I'm a big fan of incorporating my furniture into party decor so it's no surprise that our dessert table is a console we keep  in  our living room.  A shout out to my amazing friend Heidi Baptiste (@hauteontherocks) who worked with me to decorate this table and the party. She's amazing!

All of the parties supplies can be found in our store and the beautiful donuts and cookies were created by Chanté Anderson (email:  Chanté kindly offered to deliver the baked goods to my home along with her beautiful acrylic donut wall.  I couldn't resist using it!

We really wanted to keep the kids and adults entertained and they LOVED these tropical leaf floats.  You can find them at Luxury Gifts Bermuda.

So many things came together with the help from friends.  We borrowed this kids table and chairs from our friend Melissa Leach and decorated it with our tropical party supplies.  The pineapple cups were purchased from Party Plus in Devonshire.

Our welcome drinks were created by our amazing friend Teresa  Humphrey of  Salty Lime @saltylimebda who's well-known for her scrumptious margaritas!   For this event we chose watermelon and cucumber flavour.  Teresa  also worked with us to ensure everything flowed well during the party. 

Tip:   When preparing drinks, plan 2 drinks per person for the  first hour and then 1  each additional hour.

Remember my Instagram video showing me  making these tissue flowers :)  Click here for a tutorial. 

Make decorating a breeze by using flowers from your garden.

We highly recommend hiring a lifeguard for any kids pool party, we use Aquamania (

We also hired this fun pool  bouncy castle from Dionne Caines (@deejc_) and the kids  loved it!  

Great times with good friends!

Our  number one priority was for all of  the  kids/ parents to have a great experience!  We hired Gary Robinson to create  balloon characters (537-6210), which the kids loved.

J & B's wood-fired pizza was gone in about 5  mins flat!  Having the food delivered meant we could spend more time enjoying the party.

We believe every party should have at least one experience that makes your party memorable and hiring the Gombeys was one of those things! We highly recommend Gombey Evolution ( and have used them several of times. 

Remember, a successful party is all about the people.  The experiences and connections are what mattered most to us.  We hope our guests truly had a memorable time and that you enjoyed this post too.  We'd love to connect with you!  Feel free to email us anytime at  

Niamah Cann

Owner of La  Petite Soireé

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